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Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium / Vit et travaille à Bruxelles, Belgique

2010 – 2012 Master Degree of Visuals Arts, ENSAV La Cambre – Brussels
2010 – 2011 Erasmus, KHB Weißensee – Berlin
2006 – 2010 Bachelor Degree of Visuals Arts, ENSAV La Cambre – Brussels


«(Phosphene)» – Private exhibition space of Odile Repolt and François Huet – Brussels (collective exhibition curated by Michèle Rossignol and Emmanuelle Leblanc, Pleonasm)
«The view we had from the terrasse» – Escault Architecture Office – Brussels (claire.nadia.simon, recidency and exhibition)
«Coming People 2014» – S.M.A.K. Museum – Ghent (collective exhibition curated by Ilse Roosens )
«Out of Character» – CAB Art Center – Brussels (claire.nadia.simon, collective exhibition curated by Stjin Maes)
«Stalactica» – Former Quincaillerie Van der Eycken – Brussels (collective exhibition curated by Anissa Touati and Tjorg Douglas Beer, co-production of Galerie Utopia Berlin / Athens and Ramapano Paris)

«Sous le Sapin» – Le 7.5 club- Paris (collective exhibition curated by Isabelle Suret and Justine Jourdan)
«A few more seconds and it will crystalize» – Private exhibition space of Frédéric de Goldschmidt – Brussels (claire.nadia.simon)
«I can’t look at the sea for long or I lose interest in what’s happening on land» – Former Quincaillerie Van der Eycken – Brussels (claire.nadia.simon)

«Soft goods» project : «Outer limits» – MAD – Brussels (collective exhibition)

2007 / 2011
«Biologics» project : «Light & Scale» – KHB Weissensee – Berlin (collective exhibition)
«Heterotopia» – Le Chien Perdu – Brussels (performance with Simon Asencio)
«A history of violence» – Former Red-Cross building – Brussels (collective exhibition)
«Textile & architecture»- Les Drapiers Gallery – Liege (collective exhibition)
chool Diploma of Applied Arts, Lycée des Arènes – Toulouse